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Laptop Plugged in but not Charging? Here are a Few Possible Solutions


When you plug your wall charger into your laptop, with any luck your device offers you a notification announcing that it’s far being charged and then you definitely simply go about doing anything it changed into you were planning to do. Read more about Laptop not charging.

But you may see something like this as a substitute:

This means that your laptop is plugged in however your gadget is not charging. There are some matters that could cause this, because of this that there is some stuff you ought to test when you are trying to clear up this problem.

We can divide these solutions into 2 classes: external power wire-related problems, and laptop problems.

  1. Power-Cord Related Problems and Solutions

While this could no longer be the problem if this is what’s inflicting the hassle you are in luck because it has the fastest fix in this list. If the charger is plugged into the laptop and now not properly plugged right into a wall or power strip, it won’t charge. Try unplugging the cord from the laptop and the power source, and firmly plug each end again into their respective locations.

In a similar problem fixing vein, if you are using an in particular old charger cord, take a look at alongside the duration of the cord for any openings in the outer cord or different symptoms of wear and tear. A bent-up and worn-down charging wire can be the cause of your problems.

If neither of the 2 above solutions works, attempt plugging your laptop charger right into a different outlet or power strip. It won’t be your laptop charger that is broken, you are probably dealing with a blown fuse.

  1. Laptop Hardware and Software Problems and Solutions

If not one of the power-cord-related answers works, it’s time to check your software program and hardware. If it’s no longer your power cord causing you trouble, take a look at your power settings. If you’re on a Windows tool, open your control panel and visit Power Options, and change your plan settings. You may additionally locate that your plan is set to turn the display at a rather excessive battery percentage.

Changing any inconvenient settings here may additionally remedy your trouble, however, it might not. If you don’t like your own custom settings you could usually revert to the default settings within the power plan dialogue window.

Your laptop’s battery itself may be causing your charging problem. Older batteries may not be able to reach their full charging capacity after a hundred or so charge cycles, meaning that you may not be able to get your laptop to display a full 100% charge. More importantly, an older battery will always die faster on a full charge than a new battery if they are the same model, so if you are having this issue it just might be time for a new battery.

Check the connection

It can take place that you may have attached the cord to your laptop, however, you no longer observed that the pin is loose. There are several reasons why a pin can be loose. It can be due to a few pieces of debris in the port. In this sort of case, you can take out the pin and clean up the particles with a few pins or compressed air, which might not reason any damage to your device or the charger concerned. Cleaning it with a bent pin or every other device can also harm your laptops. The best issue you can do is take it to take your device to a repair shop for better provider effects. You also can appearance up the commands online in your version. But, doing so without a suitable tool may additionally cause harm and also in a few instances impede the guarantee of your laptop.

Cooldown the computer

When you’re running, and if the battery seems to be hot, you should close down the pc and preserve it apart for numerous minutes, and additionally unplug the charger. It can occur that the excess heat, generated whilst the laptop is being overused can be hampering the charging process. So the quality solution is to unplug the charger, switch off the laptop and let it take a seat aside for some time. Also, when you have no longer cleaned the laptop vents, you have to clean it with compressed air. That will get rid of some dirt from the fan vents in order that the laptop may not warmness up.


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