Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Free Hour of Service and IT Consultation


Whether you want well-known IT help, temporary leases, website design, or application engineering, Hales Computer Service gives a comprehensive suite of answers for any IT project or hassle. Our free hour of service and consultation is designed to get higher information of your usual generation to assist needs and to help you with fundamental IT troubleshooting and help. Read more to learn greater about how our free session can assist get you started on the path to a more comfy IT future.

The details

Our professional IT technicians offer a free hour of on-page service on any IT-associated issues, along with:

  • General IT help
  • Troubleshooting network or wi-fi troubles
  • Making sure your antivirus is updated and backups are going for walks properly
  • Testing network speeds to become aware of network troubles.

After an initial inspection, we are able to rectify as many issues as viable within the one-hour window. If there are issues that we count on to take longer than an hour to resolve, we are able to offer you advice or a quote for any additional work that we aren’t able to complete within the one-hour window.

No responsibility

There is not any responsibility with the intention to use any of the pointers or quotes we provide, but we attempt to make sure that each customer is aware of the full extent of any IT problems their organization is facing. If you decide settlement with us to solve your different problems, we are able to perform the service at our hourly charge. There is by no means a price for our preliminary one-hour consultation unless you request extra work and explicitly authorize the rate.

All we ask is…

Our ask of you is an easy one – simply provide us a chance to impress you with the pleasantness of our service. Our technicians will do their best to assist pick out and clear up any of your issues that they could inside the one-hour free consultation, however now not all troubles are simple fixes. There can be a few issues that require many hours of service, loading time, or new software or hardware.

When we pick out issues like those, we will usually let you know in advance of the steps that need to be taken to clear up the problem and come up with a quote at the price. Sometimes, we also come across issues whilst on site that isn’t covered by using our free hour of service. Unlike many different vendors, we by no means nickel and dime our clients. We always act to your high-quality interest, recommending best works or systems this is truly really worth the investment for your company.

Gold star service

With our excessive level of customer service and satisfaction, Hales Computer Service works difficult to be the optimal IT firm. We offer an extensive variety of IT solutions that stay within your price range. For IT-related tasks massive and small, our experience, knowledge, and form of offerings permit us to offer the support you need to fulfill your business needs. Contact us and allow us to remedy all of your IT needs today!


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