Desktop Repair

Do you have a problem with your desktop?

Is it often closed while running? Are you having problems rebooting your computer? Don’t panic and speak to or log into the hales Computer to resolve your desktop hassle. We can effortlessly resolve your desktop problems, together with desktop computer heating, automatic shutdown of desktop computer restart, and slowdown of the desktop, and so forth. Read more about Desktop Repair.

The professionals of the Hales Computer will repair your desktop and provide you all the efficient assistance and solutions to all kinds of desktop repairs.

We highly understand that how much it is important the repair your Desktop. We fix all the malfunctions of the desktop that are caused to the hardware or the internal software issues like an operating system, or the crash of the app, spyware, virus, and all the other malfunction. Avail of the Desktop repair Service and get a fast and reliable desktop repair service from us.

With such a lot of years of revel in below our belt, Hales Computer is located as your complete laptop repair service provider — there’s actually not anything we can’t resolve:

  • The blue display of dying
  • Slow or no internet
  • RAM upgrade/repair
  • Graphics card repair/upgrade
  • HDD and SSD repair/upgrade
  • Damaged motherboard
  • Damaged casing or wiring
  • Basically whatever else

    A closer look at some of our Desktop Repair Services

    Hardware Repair and Upgrades:

    Hardware troubles are some of the maximum severe problems PC users ought to cope with. They are frequently tough to become aware of and could affect the overall performance of your laptop notably.  First of all, we will run a diagnostic so that we can easily find the cause of the error. If it’s repairable, we will fix it; if it’s beyond repair, we can procure a short and comparatively economical replacement. We also provide laptop hardware enhancements at less costly fees.

    Software and Driver Updates:

    To maintain a computer performing at its pleasant, it’s far vital that you update your software frequently. This consists of your running device, its packages, and any drivers. It is also important to make certain that any enhancements are valid and won’t damage your computer or compromise your statistics. At Hales Computer, we perform secure and dependable software enhancements and updates.

    Malware Removal :

    Malware can affect the overall performance of your gadget and purpose the lack of important facts and records. Anti-virus software, as powerful as it could be, can simplest achieve this a whole lot. Hales Computer can quickly clean your desktop computer of undesirable software program and make it run like new.

    Data Transfer and Backup:

    As part of our Desktop Repair Services, we provide our clients with information transfer and backup offerings. Especially earlier than troubleshooting a device to diagnose a problem, backing up its contents is crucial so as to prevent loss. Whether you would really like to transfer statistics out of your old  PC to a new one, or simply make a backup to comfy your precious files, we can do it while making sure no statistics are misplaced.

    Internet Performance and Security:

    As useful as the net can be, it is able to additionally disclose customers to spam, hackers, and viruses that result in a host of troubles. Slow overall performance and the inability to open e-mail attachments are simply two of the troubles you’re possible to revel in. Our certified system engineers can pinpoint the trouble immediately after which resolve it fast. Be it a LAN driver problem or hardware problems associated with your LAN card, we can fix it all.

    Performance Boost:

    Your pc might be booting up or jogging slowly because of a number of reasons. From an in-depth prognosis, we will be capable of become aware of the problem and address it successfully to give your laptop a significant pace raise.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    We repair all the models and brands of PC and Laptop, subjects to spare being available. We maintain a big range of spares and what we do no longer have in stock we can get in no time.


    Yes! We claim to fix any desktop issues


    Yes. We automatically carry complete checking of your desktop and will keep you updated for any other faults found before going for the repair.


    It isn’t always vital, but we strongly recommend always backing up your statistics, song, and pictures earlier than sending your PC away for ANY repair.